Wednesday, December 7, 2016

IWSG December 2016

The Insecure Writers Support Group consists of people who post things about their writing lives on the first Wednesday of every month, and also about conga lines on a Wednesday of the month if it happens to fall on February 29th of a leap year (2020 is a leap year, but the 29th, alas, will be on a Saturday, which is when the Insecure Whittlers Support Group meets; in 2024 it falls on a Thursday, which is when the Insecure Winners Support Group meets; in 2028 it falls on a Tuesday, which is when the Insecure Worriers Support Group meets and generally discusses their concerns about life, the universe and everything; in 2032 it falls on a Sunday, which is when the Insecure Winkers Support Group meets; in 2036 it falls on a Friday, which is when the Insecure Wallabies Support Group meets; but good news, 2040, it falls on a Wednesday! so in exactly twenty-four years we'll all be talking about conga lines!). 

So, now that I've driven you mad with gibberish, let's state the question of the month:

In terms of your writing career, where do you see yourself five years from now, and what's your plan to get there?

I would very, very much like to have finally established myself as a paid writer of fiction.  It would've been a long time coming, ever since I foolishly waited until I was just about graduating from college in 2003 and asking my poetry professor if he had any idea how that sort of thing worked.  Thirteen years after that I can sort of see how stupid that was.  Stephen King used to submit material all the time when he was still in high school.  Clearly I was already well behind the curve when I started out.

But I've been trying to correct my errors ever since.  Still not vigorously, but I keep trying.  Currently I'm waiting to hear about the results of a couple contests.  You never know where those will take you.  I'm also waiting to hear back from a comic book publisher who could potentially hire me as an editor.  I can think of a few well-known comic book writers who started out as editors.  The funny thing is, I would actually be happy just to be an editor.  It's a vastly underrated and highly important function in the publishing process.  A bad editor will make things worse.  A good editor will make things better.  A bad editor will make your life miserable.  A good editor will make your life a sheer delight (probably; that and not having to read gibberish like what I wrote at the start of this).

Also, an aspiring comic book artist just asked me permission to draw a script I posted online.  So maybe the future has weirder ways forward than I can conceive at any given moment. 

So more of this sort of thing, and maybe hoping that the self-publishing route will eventually turn a corner.  Who knows, really?  But that's the idea, that whatever I'm doing now will at least contribute to where I'll be in five years, in a positive sense.


  1. Hey, I thought your gibberish was pretty good. You think you're behind? I didn't start writing until my kids went off to college. But, no matter when you start, keep it up. You're right about editors. They can make or break a writer and a writer's spirit. I'll bet you'll be a good one.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family.
    December co-host

  2. Will I still be writing in the IWSG in 2040? I'll be 60 years old. Whether or not I'm still writing, I hope I'm not still insecure by then... Surely we must figure it out eventually, right?

  3. That's why we'll be talking about conga lines. Trust me, they'll be all the rage again!

  4. Editing for a comic book? That would be cool. And certainly not the path you'd predicted, right?
    I was even farther behind than you when I started...

  5. Replies
    1. Congratulations! That's fantastic. And BTW, I loved the gibberish...

    2. Thanks! It's funny, but I almost feel duty-bound to start these blogathon posts with gibberish, since I want to commemorate what group I'm participating in but not necessarily with all the pomp you tend to see from other bloggers...


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