Sunday, January 22, 2012

Austen Paradise: An Introduction

Austen Paradise is my online bookstore devoted to the legacy of Jane Austen. I believe that Austen may be the most universal writer Western literature has yet produced, someone who understood both her own times and how they related to readers of succeeding generations. She tended to write stories that focused on women and the quest for romantic relationships, but she did not write romances, instead exploring the human condition in its many wonders.

It was impossible not to notice how many writers have taken inspiration from Austen over the years, during my time working at a bookstore (it was especially obvious that Mr. Darcy maintains a great deal of magnetism). For that reason, I began to formulate an enterprise that would promote Austen and the many works that have resulted from her books. Austen Paradise is the start of that dream. To me, Hub City the blog is about promoting the love of reading, and Jane Austen has become a prime source (a universal truth, as it were) for that message.

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