Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reading List: The Siege of Troy

The Siege of Troy
by Greg Tobin

My Homeric marathon concludes, finally, with a translation of The Iliad I originally purchased in 2004, when it was released to coincide with the theatrical debut of Wolfgang Peterson's underrated Troy.  I've been pecking away, as I've stated previously, at The Siege of Troy  for some time now, and while it was my original intention to continue doing that, I am now content to finish it as an unofficial entrant in the Reading List, since it now fits comfortably in a sequence it will help round out as probably the most recent strict translation of the original narrative.  Like Robert Graves, Tobin was given the task of taking the text and putting a modern wash on it but otherwise leaving it intact, and so it'll be interesting to read one such book after another.

And then I'll move onto other stories!

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