Sunday, September 30, 2012

Reading List: Fallen

by David Maine

Favorite authors can sometimes happen by accident.  When I first came across David Maine, it was through the book I'll be reading next, and obviously I didn't read that one right away, but I kept the author's name filed away.  Years later, I came across him again, with some of his more recent releases.  So I finally started reading him.  And I found out that I really loved his work.  And so he becomes one of the rare authors I must continue to read.  Fallen has the same subject as one of my own manuscripts, by complete coincidence, the story of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel.  Maine has written several books based on biblical stories now, so it's not at all surprising that he chose this story.  Since my manuscript is safely completed, I can honestly say I cannot be influenced by what I will read in the coming weeks (or however long it takes).  The funny thing is that I bought this book through an online marketplace, and when it arrived, I was surprised to see it in a large print edition.  I do not read large print books.  I do not need to.  I may have generally poor vision, but this will be somewhat comical.  Just some trivia for you!

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