Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reading List: Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great
by Robin Lane Fox

Ever since Oliver Stone's Alexander, I've developed an appreciation for one of history's, well, great figures. I assume none of my teachers was quite so fascinated with the Macedonian conqueror.  This is a book that I've had waiting on the Reading List (and in fact off of it before the List came about a few years ago), and now that I've reached it am just as glad now and when I first got it to have had on it.  Stone used it as once of his chief sources of inspiration.  I understand that Alexander has a poor reputation, but you must understand that it's my favorite movie (as in out of all the movies I've ever seen), so I hold the distinction of the connection between the book and film seriously.  Hopefully I will understand Mr. the Great all the better upon reading it.

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