Friday, December 21, 2012

Reading List: Divine Misfortune

Divine Misfortune
by A. Lee Martinez

Ever since Douglas Adams, I've sought a comedic writer (with a name other than Dave Barry) capable of writing an amusing adventure.  Earlier this year a lot of buzz was given to Year Zero from Rob Reid, and maybe at some point I'll add that to my collection.  I've already ruled out the cult following of Terry Pratchett, whose Discworld books became far too insular.  I think succeeding generations will agree with me, or perhaps I will end up revising that opinion.  That happens.  As it stands, Good Omens, written with Neil Gaiman, would be the lone Pratchett standout.  Anyway, I was thrilled to discover A. Lee Martinez, who may yet prove to be my answer.  I will find out after reading this book.

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