Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Reading List: Mason & Dixon

Mason & Dixon
by Thomas Pynchon

I was fortunate enough to stumble across Against the Day when it was released, and found it to be immediately intriguing, and so it become one of the series of long reads that I tackled in the past several years.  Against the Day is Thomas Pynchon's most recent epic novel, and Mason & Dixon is the next most recent one.  I picked it up at a book sale in my home town's annual Moxie Festival (that would be Lisbon, ME, every July), a castoff of the local library that was checked out a few times, probably by the same reader, in 1997, and I probably got it five years later or so.  That's why you never pass up a book sale, because there are always gems waiting to be discovered, and Pynchon is a gem, and I keep waiting for everyone else to realize it.  Against and Mason aren't even the books he's known for by the people who know him, so there you are.

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