Thursday, May 15, 2014

Music to read Orfeo by...

I just finished reading Richard Powers' Orfeo.  No, I wasn't hugely impressed.  (Maybe you can find my Goodreads review here.)  What struck me most of all was all the music he kept referencing that I wasn't really that familiar with, which got me thinking: this book needs a soundtrack.  I will do my best to provide one:

This is the piece that inspires the young Peter Els to his whole music career.

Peter bonds with Clara over this one.
Peter's breathless reaction alienates him from his peers.
It's Bob Dylan.
Peter's roommates engage him in one of several force-feedings with this one.
Most affecting historical interlude featuring musicians in the clutches of Nazis.
Song that fascinates the young Madolyn.
Serves as the link to Peter's meeting Richard Bonner.
Peter experiments with this song.
Peter does the same with this one.
Ringtone to Klaudia Kohlmann's phone.
Gets Peter interested in music again.
The follow-up to the above.
Music as public treason.
More music with a depressing backstory.
Nothing depressing associated with this one!
Music to end a journey with.

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