Saturday, October 8, 2011

Reading List: Bridge to Never Land

Bridge to Never Land
by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

This one was actually inserted into the List recently, due to a complicated series of circumstances. The short of it: When Bridge was published a few months back, I was working the Borders liquidation process, which necessarily obscured my perception of the new release process. It was by coincidence that I was made aware of its release as quickly as I was, and even more coincidental that Peter and the Sword of Mercy, the fourth in Barry and Pearson's Starcatchers series, came up on the List when it did. So I read that one and decided to go ahead and read this one next.

Bridge is a roundabout continuation of the Starcatchers books, which revisited the concept of Peter Pan for the 21st Century, crafting it into an adventure/thriller narrative. Sword of Mercy finally got around to Wendy; this one is Barry and Pearson riffing on their own mythmaking, updating the timestamp to the present day and a new set of protagonists, a pair of squabbling siblings who discover the books they've read (and of course Barry and Pearson themselves wrote) actually refer to real events. It's now like Peter Pan meeting Dan Brown, basically.

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