Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reading List: Your Face Tomorrow

Your Face Tomorrow
Volume One: Fever and Spear
Volume Two: Dance and Dream
Volume Three: Poison, Shadow and Farewell
by Javier Marias

When I say that I'm kind of accidentally American, it's from suggestions friends have made that I would probably make a pretty good European. This is just my own example, but I seem to be more likely than the average reader to be excited by the prospect of an ambitious literary project, of which this is probably the next great example (after Bolano's 2666, naturally). American bookstores can barely seem to acknowledge Marias (though strangely I discovered Your Face Tomorrow when the final volume was inexplicably carried upon hardcover release), though he seems to be one of the great voices in the modern novel. Like Bolano, Marias appropriates what appears to be a fairly standard pop fiction standard in the role of the investigator, and tries to be a little expansive about it.

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