Monday, December 12, 2011

Reading List: The Island of the Day Before

The Island of the Day Before
by Umberto Eco

originally published in 1994

One of my inclinations as a reader is to seek out writers who seem to be as interested in reading as I am, writers who've immersed their lives in the process of devouring all the interesting things that have been produced throughout the centuries. Some of those writers are pretty obvious (Peter Ackroyd, for instance, seems to write only about and with historical figures, both real and fictional), where others like Eco take a little time to discover. Eco is perhaps best known for The Name of the Rose, but he's one of those names that's kind of hard to ignore if you have any experience in a bookstore, one that sticks out, and whose books equally stand out. I've been meaning to read him for some time. This particular book was found in a sale at a library, and seemed to be remarkably imaginative, and to my mind almost like a literary version of the TV show Lost, even though it would be one of the few antecedents not to have been referenced at some point by the show's fans (or creators). All of which is to say, I'm pretty excited to dive into this one.

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