Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scouring Books: Willie Mays - The Life, the Legend

Willie Mays: The Life, the Legend
by James S. Hirsch

originally published in 2010

This was an advanced reader I spent a great deal of lunch breaks on, about one of the great baseball players I remember being interested in as a kid. Well, hey, Willie was the "Say Hey Kid"! Hirsch does a great job of exploring how exactly Mays became a beloved figure who somehow managed to completely elude the race issue, much to the chagrin of Jackie Robinson, becoming one of the most pure ballplayers of the past century, somehow still controversial because he seemed almost to never grow up. What's all the more remarkable is that Hirsch received Willie's approval for this book, which actually tends to make one wonder if he would have been a little more insightful if he didn't feel Mays always looking over his shoulder. Still, a great book for baseball fans, something I would even suggest that younger version of me check out.

Bookshelf status: read

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