Sunday, October 21, 2012

Reading List: Our Mutual Friend

Our Mutual Friend
by Charles Dickens

One of the hallmarks of the 2004-2010 TV series Lost was its willingness to incorporate literature in the backdrop of its tapestry.  Perhaps one of the more visible examples of this trend was Our Mutual Friend, which was famously the "sodding book" Desmond Hume kept with him in the event of his imminent demise, as he'd read everything else Charles Dickens had ever read, and was saving it for last.  I haven't made too fine a point of reading much of what is considered classic literature from among these Lost books, but I figured this one would be worth it.  Desmond was a favorite character.  I would never share his particular neuroses concerning Mutual Friend (partly because I have decidedly not read all of its author's books), but I've had it waiting for several years now, and am happy to finally be reaching it.

(There is no picture of Penny in mine.  Shame.  Also no key for a fail-safe to implode a hatch.)

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