Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Reading List: The Tar Baby

The Tar Baby
by Jerome Charyn

Charyn is a writer that I completely stumbled into discovering.  One of his most recent books, Johnny One-Eye, provoked an irresistible interest as an irreverent look at the Revolutionary War, and it was with some surprise on my part that I discovered that I would soon be reading another of his, a biography of Quentin Tarantino.  if chance had guided me toward two Jerome Charyn books, what else might he have that would prove of interest?  So I had a look and found that he has quite a few books and a long history, and yet I've only just learned of his existence!  Johnny One-Eye proved to be a brilliant piece of fiction.  I quickly selected a few more of his novels for future reading, anticipating the day I would get back to reading him.  And now having barely begun Tar Baby, which is a satirical look at pretensions of the literary set (something I just read about from another era with Jonathan Swift), I believe I can say with growing confidence that Jerome Charyn is yet another writer that deserves to be elevated far above his current reputation.  

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